Gregory D. Kufchak, Music Director

He Restoreth My Soul
2015 Release

He restoreth my soul…

… A simple phrase which stands in the middle of probably the most well-known and well-beloved psalm in the world, Psalm 23.

Throughout the ages many people have pondered this psalm, turning it over in their thoughts, in their hearts, searching for the message that David, the shepherd who became a king, was trying to convey. In just a few lines of exquisite poetry, David evokes a rich imagery of contrasts between turmoil and tranquility, fear and faith, doubt and assurance, conflict and peace.

Let Your Heart Be Moved
2010 Release

The MidOhio Chamber Players and the Apostolic Christian Church Choir in their first ever public performance.

Recorded before a live audience, this professionally produced DVD captures all the energy of the actual performance, allowing you to share the inspiration of the concert experience. It presents not only the entire benefit concert, but also contains “behind the scenes” bonus material for added insight into the concert and the theme composition.

The concert includes sacred music favorites representing some of the most loved music from the ensemble’s four CD albums, as well as the world premieres of several new compositions.

Where Is He?
2008 Release

But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son... From the fall of Adam when paradise was lost, God had promised the world a Redeemer—His Son—who would ransom mankind from their bondage in sin. As the ages unfolded, the world groped through spiritual darkness in expectation of the Messiah, the Anointed One of God. But though His coming had been well foretold and longingly awaited, when it actually came to pass it went mostly unrecognized. Where Is He?

Better Than Light
2006 Release

Of all the remarkable contrasts to be found in the Bible, there is perhaps none greater than the one between darkness and light. From the very opening verses of Genesis, God defined the profound separation between these two elements. Having laid the foundations of the universe, the next great creative act that God performed was to call forth light by the commanding power of His voice — forever dividing it from darkness.

The Homeland in Heaven
2004 Release

“… For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14

All the music in this CD collection relates to heaven: our distant dreams about heaven, the deep yearning in our hearts for heaven, what heaven will be like, why heaven is the true homeland, how we must travel if we want to reach heaven, and our many experiences along the way.

The Wondrous Cross
2003 Release

This CD portrays the most ponderous event in human history—the incomparable suffering and the ultimate triumph of the Lord Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection. This is the Easter story.

Beginning at Palm Sunday, we are drawn upon a pathway that compels us to confront the sobering and moving events He experienced for all mankind. At last we join in spirit the two disciples who walked the road to Emmaus after the resurrection; and, as we wrestle with the inward burning in our own hearts, we are left to ponder, as they, the meaning of all these things.

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